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Why Our Clients Love Us

  • The amount of robust big data guest analysis Venga provides is the future of targeted digital marketing in the restaurant space.
    Britney Ziegler
    Vice President of Brands, Marketing & Development
    David Burke Group
  • Venga automatically shares our guest data between our seven locations, customizes the dining experience for individual guests, and delivers results on targeted email communications.
    Matthew Joseph
    Technology & Information Systems Director
    Fig & Olive
  • Venga gives us so much information - I don't know how a restaurant can do business without it. They give us so much information at our fingertips
    Jeffery Bank
    Alicart Restaurant
  • I love how Venga automatically sends preshift reports directly to my inbox especially on days like today when I am off duty. I can see very quickly who is coming in - including Venga's unique insights on their preferences - and give the restaurant a quick heads up.
    Mike Rufo
    General Manager
    Eddie Merlot's

Integrating OpenTable with your
Point-of-Sale to drive repeat visits
and power the guest experience.

Integrating OpenTable


Personalized Service
Predictive Marketing
Actionable Feedback
Trend Analysis
Integrated Loyality



personalized service

Guest intelligence pushed directly to your hosts, servers, and managers before each shift.

  • Know every guest’s visit and spending history,
    preferences, and favorite items for ALL your locations.
  • Automatically tag guests as VIP, Wine Connoisseur,
    or Big Spender based on their past visits.
  • Daily email reports highlighting
    tonight’s notable guests.

Predictive Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing for the Modern Age

  • Email guests automatically who haven’t visited your restaurant recently to invite them back.
  • Create segmented lists based on guest visits, spending, menu item purchases, or guest codes. Only email wine drinkers for that upcoming wine dinner.
  • Prove ROI on email marketing by linking campaigns with repeat restaurant visits – and the revenue generated – after all, you can’t take open rates to the bank.

Actionable Feedback

Finally, efficient guest recovery!

Aggregate reviews from dozens of sites into one place and link feedback to POS data
to know exactly what servers and menu items are affecting your guest’s experience.

Trend Analysis

Digestible Big Data for Restaurants

Integrated Loyalty

Customizable card-based or mobile loyalty program for
your restaurant integrated with OpenTable and your POS.

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